'My love, the mountains and the solitary wooded valleys...the music of a silence...the supper that renews our love' - John of the Cross
'God full manifest is the human being fully alive...' - Karl Rahner
''Give up waiting as a state of mind. Come into the present, there is never any need for you to wait for anything'' - Eckhart Tolle
'Form is not different than emptiness. Emptiness is not different than form. Yet form is form and emptiness is emptiness.' - Heart Sutra

"Meditation... a tool to cultivate your innate calling and ability... to fully live... your essence"

Welcome to Essence Meditation

Meditation, a buzz word today piquing the interest of so many, and so many think the practice is out of their reach. I am here to share with you how easy and accessible meditation can be in your daily life. The practice is widely misconceived as a means for the spiritual elite to tap their inner Source, but really it is something that can become quite natural for us all.

Join me in building a community that meditates. Why? Because a community that meditates helps create a world of compassion, truthfulness, and true progress.

 I believe the practice of prayer, meditation and contemplation is individual, unique to every person and a territory to be navigated with eyes eager to learn and trust looking to find treasure, not outside, but brimming within.

To my mind, meditation is simply an aid to bring us into our essence, where we are aware and present and even moving into a oneness that ceases to identify, or compare, or name what we ‘are,’ Once we are ‘there’ the practice we call meditation, and any practice along these lines, really, falls away for it is only part of the process and not the end goal.

Join me in the adventure, the inner adventure where horizons reveal the unfolding beauty of the Uncreated, and lay forever beyond our holding.

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What is Essence Meditation?

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“Kimberly Braun is a beautiful spirit and a gifted teacher. As a teacher myself, I recognize her gifts and feel safe to become completely vulnerable in her loving presence."  - Shannon, Meditation Retreat participant 2012


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